Our shows include a special blend of music designed for relaxing, studying, yoga, creativity, healing, contemplation and romance. Many of our listeners enjoy our free online music while at work, reading, creating or during intimate and relaxing times. It's an inspired blend of Acoustic, Ambient, Celtic, Chill, Lounge, Ragas, Sacred, World and Space idioms. We are always searching for "Songs From The Heart, To Stir The Soul" to share with you and the entire world of online listeners.

Our mix is what we call "Music For A Peaceful Planet".We believe we all can help create a world without borders, crossing all genres, bringing peace to all beings. There are only a few mediums for us these days, where we can share beyond our boundaries. For all of us, music, art and food celebrate the human spirit and have always been used in worship and devotion, dissolving all our differences. It is now time to help celebrate the peaceful and luminous side of our indomitable human spirit. This is the goal of Mystic Radio. We hope it stirs something deep in you and that you feel the joy we do in offering this inspired mix. Our free internet radio is only available online, welcoming listeners from around the World. Please listen, watch our unique Mystic Caster and let us know how you feel about our station. We play pure music, with no ads, talking or whatever . . . streaming live forevermore.

MysticRadio is a ZeroToBalance Company